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Why we do the work we do…

This case[1] speaks to the consequences of not knowing what is in your policies….

The Cleveland Indians baseball team hired National Pastime Sports to produce Kids Fun Day events at Indians baseball games. The Kids Fun Day events had children’s attractions, including an inflatable bouncy castle and inflatable slide.

National Pastime submitted an application for insurance to Doodson Insurance Brokerage, stating on the application that the Kids Fun Day events would include inflatable attractions. The policy, however, excluded from coverage injuries caused by inflatable slides.

Douglas Johnson attended an Indians game in June 2010. While admiring a wall of fame display, he was crushed by an inflatable slide that collapsed onto him. Several days later, he sadly died from his injuries.

When National Pastime informed Doodson of the accident, Doodson replied that accidents caused by inflatables were not covered under the policy.

It’s painful to read this. The owners of a business are likely facing bankruptcy, When facing the day knowing that someone died at your facility, they can’t have the comfort which comes from being able to say “at least I’m insured”.

We find things like this, before the claim.

[1] Excerpted from FC&S Legal ‘s synopsis of

Johnson v. Doodson Insurance Brokerage, LLC, No. 14–1379 (6th Cir. July 15, 2015)

Aug 11, 2015

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