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    Risk Intelligence Blog

    22 Jan 2015

    Federal Terrorism Bill Renewed, But We Still Need to Be Careful

    At the worst possible time, it looked as though the federal backstop to terrorism insurance (TRIA) might not be renewed.  Since then, the renewal bill passed congress and was signed into law. Avoidin... »

    05 Sep 2014

    BP Ruling Illustrates Complete Lack of Risk Management Culture

    This month (Sept, 2014) a federal judge in New Orleans found that BP was guilty of gross negligence in its handling of the oil well that blew in 2010 causing deaths and unleashing massive pollution. ... »

    21 Apr 2014

    Consistently saving money by managing the insurance process

    Premium Audits don’t sound exciting; but consistently saving by managing the process — $30,000 here, 50,000 there – is exciting. A workers compensation audit is a mysterious process: the aud... »

    14 Apr 2014

    The “Magic” of the Insurance Delivery System

    How a five page proposal and a friendly handshake to bind coverage morph into a giant pile of fine print, conditions, limitations and exclusions at claim time.  Full document here Magic ... »

    10 Dec 2013

    Risk Intelligence Blog Debut

    Shining a bright light on insurance policy terms and conditions you never knew were in your policy,and would only find out about after a claim, and various other insurance traps.   Insurance coverage... »

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