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    Focus On Your Core Business

    As Risk Managers, We Will Free Up Your Time

    “FOCUS” definition:

    a center of activity, attraction, or attention

    a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding

    the area that may be seen distinctly or resolved into a clear image

    Don’t try to be your own property/casualty insurance expert. Risk management is complex and no matter how much time and effort you devote to it, chances are you won’t get it all right. It simply is not your business. You probably don’t have the expertise and even if you do, you need to consider the opportunity cost. Wouldn’t you and your company be better off if you devoted that time to your core business?

    Focus on your core business strengths – let us focus on the risk management, the “context” in many ways.

    As Geoffrey Moore says in Living on the Fault Line:”Core and context interoperate to create quality … Without careful management to the contrary, context always gets in the way of core. It’s a simple matter of absorbing time, talent and management

    If you are trying to bootstrap your own risk management, or have tried to delegate that to a subordinate in the finance department, you may know how much time that takes up.  Worse, that is only a part of the time really necessary, and you may admit, thinking back,  that that fact caused you to cede decision making, and even authority, to your insurance broker – this is a mistake.

    You are the expert in managing your business – save the time so you can focus there – the real reason for you to be in business, and how you make money.

    See how focus will allow you to grow.

    There is no function of business that can go long without being managed.  This is especially true with risk.  All seems fine, but the risks are boiling beneath the surface.  The danger is that the large losses, the ones that can put you out of business, do not happen often enough the be on your radar screen.

    Outsource the risk management function to us, and do what you do best.
    We will let you sleep at night knowing your job and your company are not in jeopardy.

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