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  • Our goal is to reduce your insurance costs while managing your business risks
  • Special focus on cyber, enterprise, global and life sciences risk

How Can We Help You with Risk Management?

Use Risk to Achieve Competitive Advantage

Let us help you eliminate setbacks from uncovered loss and anticipate and prepare for loss events. Be free to make bold business decisions. Learn More

Peace of Mind – Knowing You’re Covered

Business risk is complex and constantly changing. Our firm specializes in determining whether the risks facing a business are covered in their policies as well as managing claims and negotiating insurance deals. Learn More

Save Time – Focus on Your Business

Dealing with insurance broker questions, claim problems, accidents, risk in contracts (and worrying if you’re protected) — all this takes enormous amounts of your time. The experts at Licata Risk Management can handle these details and allow to you to return focus to your core business. Learn More

Reduce Insurance Cost

As risk managers, we work with you to control cost of risk by managing the flows of liabilities in contracts with business partners, preventing and/or minimizing losses and managing claims to control payouts and improve historical data. And we create real competition for your insurance business. Learn More

Protect Assets and Revenue

Engaging in a risk management process will allow you to protect your assets, stay in business and/or collect for lost net income. Learn More

Achieve Return on Investment

A minimal risk management fee allows you to control large costs by making a small investment through reduced premiums and broker compensation fees. Learn More

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LicataRisk Advisors is an independent risk management and insurance consulting firm. We are not brokers and we do not sell insurance. We are not connected to any insurance company or product in any way and do not receive commissions. This is an important difference as you will have an expert on your side who is only committed to you.