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08 Oct 2020

Condo Board Risk & Insurance Concerns – Including D&O Coverage

In conjunction with Anderson Kill Sorry, this event has been postponed. Please look here for the reschedule date. Tuesday October 13, 1:00-2:00 pm Understanding Condo Insurance – for Board Membe... »

09 Sep 2020

Riots Covered By Your Insurance?

Don’t be too sure without reviewing your policy! Riots are a covered peril under almost all property policies, and are just another liability exposure covered under almost all liability policies... »

26 Jun 2020

Online Commercial Banking: Risky But necessary — Is Your Bank Taking Some of the Risk?

Hackers have tools to facilitate theft from company bank accounts.  They find ways to mimic the bank customer and put through bogus transactions. The banks have security systems and protocols to ... »

12 Feb 2020


Street Smarts defined:   “Having the shrewd awareness, experience and resourcefulness needed for survival in a difficult, often dangerous environment.” The world of risk and insurance is indeed ... »

16 Dec 2019

The Most Notorious Rogue Employee Speaks

Cybersecurity lessons on the internal threat Edward Snowden, who has the distinction of stealing data from the most secure database in the world, has written a book.  Called “Permanent Record,... »

13 Sep 2019

Some Cyber Insurance Policies Not Ready for the Big League

GAPS REMAIN EVEN NOW Cyber insurance has been in the market for quite a few years now.  When an insurance product has been around long enough it eventually becomes standardized.  Not so, yet... »

12 Aug 2019

The One Contract You Never Read: Insurance

Good Idea ? Probably not ! Let’s look at a few headline cases: The Cases Pollution Exclusion Precluded Coverage of Claims by Hotel Guests Harmed by Carbon Monoxide: (Shaw v. Liberty Mutual Fire Ins.... »

13 Jul 2019

Email is Still the Top Security Threat to Your Company

WHY WE FALL INTO THE TRAP – CISOs (chief information security officers) consider email threats to be the number one security risk to their organizations.  As a Cisco report states, the hack... »

13 Jun 2019

Leave Yourself Room to Negotiate a Future Insurance Claim

DON’T FIND YOURSELF WITH YOUR HANDS TIED BEHIND YOUR BACK It’s up to the policy language.  Here’s how: There’s a world of difference between an insurer able to take action “solely at th... »

06 May 2019

What Happens to Your Company’s Flood Insurance if the Flood Zone Changes?

Coverage can be here today and gone tomorrow! Sea levels are rising; rainfall is increasing; and flood zones are changing. Do you know what effect the latter has on your company’s flood insurance? W... »

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