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    Risk Intelligence Blog

    29 Nov 2023

    Florida Market Update– December 2023

    Insurance costs have risen substantially the last 2-3 years.  Will the market pricing top out and then start to recede? We’ve written about the cyclical nature of insurance, and how the insurers ar... »

    16 Aug 2023

    Risk Intelligence Seminar October 11, 2023

    AN IN*PERSON*EVENT Need-to-know info for GCs, CFOs and board members about today’s risks. RSVP: Brent Trethewey    [email protected] RSVP: Brent Trethewey    [email protected]... »

    05 Jun 2023

    Using Legal Cases to Understand How Insurance Works

    Insurance company and broker advertising tells one story;  to find out how it really is, look at the lawsuits. We’ll look at three cases, with three different messages. What’s in your policy? Do... »

    08 Apr 2023

    LicataRisk Opens Florida Practice

    Licata Risk Advisors has opened an office in Florida to provide help with all risk and insurance matters for businesses, but with special work on the devastated Florida property insurance market.  Ow... »

    16 Nov 2022

    The Biggest Risk Your Company Faces – CONFLICT OF INTEREST

    If you’re in business, risk is everywhere.  It comes from operations, from employment, from contracts, from cyber — just look around. But the worst one of all is conflict of interest.  We ne... »

    21 Aug 2022

    Flying Blind: Boeing Risk Management

    The Boeing 737Max plane crash saga is an important risk management story.  It is also the story of how financial statements are misleading. Flying Blind, the 737 Max Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing is... »

    30 Jun 2022

    With Markets Going Down Check Your Fiduciary Liability Coverage

    ERISA Imposes Liability on Employers Be aware of loss exposures under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).  Suits by beneficiaries can arise from drops in value of 401k plans. ERISA a... »

    07 May 2022

    Risk Management Street-Smarts

    Most people think insurance is complicated.  It is.  The bigger subject of Risk Management even more so. But, like all big issues CEOs, CFOs and GCs deal with, it has to be understood at a high leve... »

    28 Mar 2022

    The Insurance War Exclusion

    How does it work? What About Cyber?     The War exclusion has been on insurance policies since as far back as the 1700s. But with nation- to- nation cyber-attacks, it has floated to the top as an is... »

    28 Mar 2022

    Join LicataRisk and Lawyers Weekly for Cyber Warfare – Battles in the Courts

    Thank you for attending.  If you missed the presentation, here are links to the materials: Presentation    Video Recording   __________________________________________________________________... »

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