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13 Jun 2019

Leave Yourself Room to Negotiate a Future Insurance Claim

DON’T FIND YOURSELF WITH YOUR HANDS TIED BEHIND YOUR BACK It’s up to the policy language.  Here’s how: There’s a world of difference between an insurer able to take action “solely at th... »

06 May 2019

What Happens to Your Company’s Flood Insurance if the Flood Zone Changes?

Coverage can be here today and gone tomorrow! Sea levels are rising; rainfall is increasing; and flood zones are changing. Do you know what effect the latter has on your company’s flood insurance? W... »

05 Mar 2019

Insurer Defines its Own Insurance Policy as Unacceptable

As a general principle, owners are protected by the policies of general contractors they hire and GCs in turn are protected by the polices of subcontractors.  This puts the burden of insurance on... »

05 Feb 2019

The ONE cyber hack we CAN prevent

Yes, we’re doing everything we can … or are we?? Cyber-risk is everywhere.  Even if you’re applying the best security, there are no guarantees.  So then, going around with our eyes clo... »

05 Jan 2019

Illusory Insurance – Exclusions that “swallow up the policy”

You buy insurance and you expect to be covered. Sometimes, though you are blindsided by being sold a policy that doesn’t cover anything! What do we mean by that? We’re referring to the hor... »

26 Aug 2018


Why review a policy? A policy is a policy; they are all boiler plate, right? Wrong! There are many boilerplate and standardized policies issued, and knowledge of those forms helps us understand a base... »

25 May 2018

Life Sciences Companies Have Unique Exposures

A LicataRisk client, a life sciences company, had a unique insurance need, and we applied the creativity to solve it. Umbilical cord blood and tissue has unique medical uses.  However the need for t... »

18 Feb 2018

The Insurance Market Continues to Show Itself to be Anti-Competitive

In January we wrote an article entitled      How The Insurance Industry Hides and Protects Their Bottom Line  —  Disrupt How the Game is Played and Take Back Control  article here . We sub... »

06 Dec 2017

Do Insurance Brokers Commit Corporate Identity Theft

Consider these scenarios, both seemingly innocent at first glance: Without any discussion, your broker gets you an insurance quote from a second insurer. You call in another insurance broker (other th... »

06 Sep 2017

Insecure Insurance — For a Security Firm!

Our client decided it was time to change security firms. We reviewed the contract with the prospective new firm, and advised that the contract should establish the right to review full copies of the s... »

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