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19 Jan 2018

How the insurance industry hides and protects their bottom line

Disrupt how the game is played and take back control!   get pdf   In economics lack of competition results in too high prices and shoddy product. The market forces that correct for those are mis... »

06 Sep 2017

The Psychology of Risk – Don’t Let it Pervert Your Insurance Choices

How How to protect the organization from rare but severe occurrences by Frank Licata, Licata Risk Advisors, Boston (bio)  With weather events swirling, and cyber hackers swarming, we need to keep a c... »

03 Aug 2016

Terrorism is Evolving – Our Insurance Decisions Need to Change

The nature of terrorism, and insurers’ actions, mean you need to be aware Following September 11, the federal government created the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) and defined a “certified ac... »

01 Oct 2015


This subject was addressed at the LicataRisk “Risk Advisory Breakfast” in Boston on September 24, 2015.  The event featured presentations by: Daniel F. Conley, Suffolk County (MA), District Attor... »

07 May 2015

Why the Insurance Market is like Quicksand

  LicataRisk:  A Commercial insurance buy is a negotiation           At our Risk Advisory Breakfast  (held several times a year) we have a regular segment called Why the Insurance Mar... »

14 Aug 2014

Your Lender Can Wipe Out Your Equity In One Move

PROPERTY OWNERS NEED THE RIGHT CONTRACT TERMS You buy a property and the lender imposes heavy insurance requirements on you.  That’s ok, they care as much about the property as we do, you think.  ... »

21 Mar 2014


    Your Financial Statements Are Hiding Risk. Companies that manage risk are safer and more secure, and their financial statements can be relied on.  Companies that don’t manage risk are... »

24 Sep 2013

Why the CFO Needs to Take Charge of IT Security

CFOs will be blindsided by Cyber Risks if they don’t take charge of them. Risk management usually falls in the domain of the CFO.  However IT security often stays within the IT silo.  This approac... »

13 Nov 2012

Hurricane Sandy Raises Again the Psychology of Black Swan Events

How management should protect the organization from the rare but severe occurrence Why do so many companies and individuals fail to purchase flood insurance (as just one example of unexplainable beha... »

03 Apr 2012

There’s a Scandal Brewing in Commercial Property Insurance

Your building’s replacement cost is $100 million and your property insurance limit is $500 million. Very secure, right? Not necessarily! Risky property insurance plans are being sold in the mark... »

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