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    Florida Market Report

    Insurance Costs are Up in a Brutally Hard Florida Property Market – The background and the strategy The insurance market in general Two markets are forever cyclical: the stock market and the commerc... »

    The Biggest Risk Your Company Faces – CONFLICT OF INTEREST

    If you’re in business, risk is everywhere.  It comes from operations, from employment, from contracts, from cyber — just look around. But the worst one of all is conflict of interest.  We ne... »

    Flying Blind: Boeing Risk Management

    The Boeing 737Max plane crash saga is an important risk management story.  It is also the story of how financial statements are misleading. Flying Blind, the 737 Max Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing is... »

    Risk Management Street-Smarts

    Most people think insurance is complicated.  It is.  The bigger subject of Risk Management even more so. But, like all big issues CEOs, CFOs and GCs deal with, it has to be understood at a high leve... »

    Life Science Lawsuits – Learning from the Ordeal

    — Principles applicable to all companies: 1. Why the suit? Maybe we can prevent the next! 2. Insurance lessons from the cases We’ll use life science companies as the subject group because they... »

    Embracing Higher Deductibles Can Be Smart Risk Management

    The more a company controls insurable losses, the higher deductibles it can afford. This lowers premiums, enabling more loss control in a virtuous cycle. Human psychology can cause us to act against o... »

    The Insurance Sales Model is Anti-Competitive

    It is Based on Exclusivity That Eliminates True Competition and Inflates Purchaser Costs Commercial insurance products are over-priced, and coverage terms are not written in your favor – in fact the... »

    How the insurance industry hides and protects their bottom line

    Disrupt how the game is played and take back control!   get pdf   In economics lack of competition results in too high prices and shoddy product. The market forces that correct for those are mis... »

    The Psychology of Risk – Don’t Let it Pervert Your Insurance Choices

    How How to protect the organization from rare but severe occurrences by Frank Licata, Licata Risk Advisors, Boston (bio)  With weather events swirling, and cyber hackers swarming, we need to keep a c... »

    Terrorism is Evolving – Our Insurance Decisions Need to Change

    The nature of terrorism, and insurers’ actions, mean you need to be aware Following September 11, the federal government created the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) and defined a “certified ac... »

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