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LicataRisk Advisory Breakfast to Cover Risk Mgmt StreetSmarts, Flooding, Cyber and the Psychology of Risk – To Be Held On October 12 in Boston

The Risk Advisory Breakfast
Sponsored by: Licata Risk Advisors

Thursday, October 12th 7:30-9 am
Convene at One Boston Place
201 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02108

Join a small group of fellow CFOs, board members, legal counsel & other executives for a complimentary breakfast and an in-depth discussion about the risks that face corporations today.

This month’s topics:
Risk Management StreetSmarts for CFOs
5 tips to keep you from being mugged in a risky business world
The Psychology of Risk, and a Strategy for Insurance Buying
How our minds can fool us concerning rare but severe risk (Houston flooding example)
Updates on Flood and Cyber Risks (Both Exposures Escalating)
The weather and the cyber exposure !! Is it only my imagination or are the 100 year storms coming every 10 years, and are the hackers like locusts?


Frank Licata, President, Licata Risk Advisors (bio)

Abby Krueger, Sr. Risk Advisor, Licata Risk Advisors (bio)

Seating is limited – by invitation

Please contact Brent Trethewey at:
[email protected] or 617.312.7289 to request an invitation


Sep 22, 2017

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