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    Florida Market Update– December 2023

    Insurance costs have risen substantially the last 2-3 years.  Will the market pricing top out and then start to recede?

    We’ve written about the cyclical nature of insurance, and how the insurers are now generating great results on the basis of extremely high rates.

    Add in the fact that the 2023 Florida hurricane season was a dud, and we mean that in the very best of ways.

    The lack of storm activity can be a catalyst for price movement.  Insurers and brokers are happy with the current pricing and would just as soon keep it at this level.  In fact, rate increases are still being reported.  But, competition being what it is, some insurers will break ranks and go for market share by competing on price.

    We do expect that this will happen now with the right provocation.  

    This means knowing the right insurers to approach, and through which intermediaries.  It could mean breaking the portfolio down by line of coverage (property, liability, D&O, etc.) and marketing each line separately to different players.  Brokers will have to be managed so that they don’t “block markets” and play other games to eliminate competition.  Parametric insurance (a hybrid product with claim payouts based on event occurrence rather than actual damage) could be an answer in the right situations.

    See our report for more background on how the market works:

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    1. This is high stakes with lots of money involved.  It’s not a do-it-yourself matter.  In addition to price, the actual insurance terms (all the hundreds of pages) have to be negotiated. 

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