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23 Feb 2016

Court Criticizes the Insurer for Reading the Policy Incorrectly

  Insurers are not charitable organizations.  They are profit-making companies who will go all the way (and beyond in this case) in enforcing the restrictive covenants of their insurance policie... »

26 Jan 2016

IT Security: Finally a Path to Success!

  The Cisco Annual Security Report – 2015 is eye-opening for several reasons: We know what to do – we are just not executing; Criminals are moving more toward social engineering as opposed to... »

06 Oct 2015

Beware of the Rains

  Hurricane Joaquin is illustrating a phenomenon to which all property owners need to pay serious attention: flooding from storm related heavy rains is becoming a norm. You need flood insurance w... »

11 Aug 2015

Why we do the work we do…

This case[1] speaks to the consequences of not knowing what is in your policies…. The Cleveland Indians baseball team hired National Pastime Sports to produce Kids Fun Day events at Indians baseball... »

07 Jul 2015


Coverage cases make fascinating reading.  We keep a close eye on them to know what clients might face. This one [1]  shocked us, not because of the court decision, which  we agree with, but with th... »

19 Jun 2015

Making Promises You Can’t Keep

You can sometimes get away with it.  Just not when the promise is made to an insurance company. Cottage Health System of California found that out when they suffered a computer breach, and then had ... »

19 May 2015

Insurance Policy Terms a Mystery … to the Insurance Company Who Wrote Them !!!

In a recent claim, the adjuster sent an e-mail saying “I wanted to make you aware that there are issues of coverage and some of the costs incurred to date may not be covered under the policy. We sho... »

07 May 2015


Change affects markets and creates dislocations.  Sometimes a  market morphs into a different form and the move from old to new creates gaps.  This is what has happened to insurance for internet ... »

21 Apr 2015

You Need Help to Understand Insurance

The LicataRisk Risk Advisory Breakfast  (held several times a year) includes a regular segment entitled Why the Insurance Market is Like Quicksand.  Why do we describe the insurance market this way?... »

19 Feb 2015

50 Ways to Leave No Cover by Randy Spencer

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, Randy Spencer has his own take on Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave your Lover”. Did Randy (our favorite insurance company-side lawyer) let ... »

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